PICCO V1-3518

PICCO V1-3518

Bestellung PICCO Motor PIC9543

Bestellung PICCO Motor PIC9544

The new V1-3518 is an updated version of the European Champion engine. Based on the very same engine that won the title last year in Sweden, the 3518 includes all the features of its predecessor with a new cooling head color scheme.

The 5 port cylinder, paired with the long stroke scheme, provides enough power throughout the whole power band. The crankshaft receives the precious DLC treatment in order to increase its durability even in the most demanding off-road situation and rotates on a Swiss-Made ceramic rear bearing. The carburetor sports the latest double bottom-end adjustment for fine-tuning and improved reliability.

PICCO V1-3518

Technische Daten:

5 port hard chromed liner
Piston CNC machined from billet
14mm DLC balanced shaft with silicone insert
Knife edged lightweight aerodynamic con-rod
Low CG cooling head
14mm ceramic Swiss-made main bearing
Composite 3-needle slide carburetor
Displacement: 3,49cc
Bore: 16,03mm
Stroke: 17,30mm
Output: 2,7hp @ 34,000rpm