XRAY XB2 and XB4 WINNER at the Swiss Nationals RD2

The second Round of the Swiss Championship was held on the Indoortrack of HVBRS in Islikon.

Nico and Florian Schmid started in the 4WD Buggy and in the 2WD Buggy Class. Nico could in the 4WD class poleposition against his Brother Florian and Patrick Hofer in third. In the 2WD Class was Nico on the second Place behind Fabian Widmer and Florian Schmid on third.

In the A – Mains 2WD Nico could win the first two Rouns and win the Race.
Florian made too many mistakes and could not defend his starting position for him it was the 6th Place at the end.

In the A – Mains 4WD, Nico made a mistake in the first run and Patrick Hofer took advantage of this to win the Race. In the second and third Round Nico but with start – goal victory and won also this Class. Florian made again too many mistakes and reached the 7th place.

Nico Schmid wins both Classes and Florian Schmid is in both Classes the best Junior Driver. The Cars XB2 and XB4 worked fantastic in the past Weekend.

1.Nico Schmid XRAY XB2
2.Fabian Luca Widmer
3.Patrick Hofer
4.Sven Zünd
5.Philipp Huber
6.Florian Schmid XRAY XB2
7.Philip Jeisy
8.Gregi Gassmann
9.Robin Frischkopf XRAY XB2
10.Oliver krähemann XRAY XB2

1.Nico Schmid XRAY XB4
2.Patrick Hofer
3.Romeo Grass XRAY XB4
4.Robin Frischkopf XRAY XB4
5.Fabian Luca Widmer
6.Sven Zünd
7.Florian Schmid XRAY XB4
8.Oliver Krähemann XRAY XB4
9.Philip Jeisy
10.Adi Riederer XRAY XB4