XB4 and XB2 win the 4th Round off Swiss Nats

XB4 and XB2 win the 4th Round off Swiss Nats

The 4th round of 1/10 Buggy electic Nats was held the last Weekend on the Astroturf Track from the Kaiju Team in Härkingen.
The Kaiju Team build a very awesome Track in the beginning oft this year.

Nico Schmid with his XB2 18 Qualified the TQ before Patrick Hofer and his Brother Florian Schmid.
In the Finals Nico had bad Luck withe the overtake and Patrick and Fabian Widmer winn the first and second Run.
In the 3th Run Nico win with 1.7 seconds faster Time as Patrick Hofer and win the Race.

In the 4WD Class Nico had also the TQ bevore his Brother Florian and Newcomer Kay Frehner also XB4.
In The Finals Florian Schmid had the better Pace than Nico and win the first and the 3th Run and also the Race.
In the second Place his Brither Nico and Kay Frehner in 3th.

THX at all fort the great Support.

Top Ten 4WD:

1. Florian Schmid  XB4
2. Nico Schmid  XB4
3. Kay Frehner  XB4
4. Fizzy Burkhardt
5. Marc Beyeler
6. Beat Knutti
7. Adi Riederer XB4
8. Silvio Piotrobini XB4
7. Jan Dissler
10 Michael Tremp

Top Ten 2WD:

1. Nico Schmid  XB2
2. Patrick Hofer
3. Fabian Luca Widmer
4. Marc Bösiger
5. Florian Schmid  XB2
6. Adrian Müller
7. Peter Forster
8. Kay Frehner XB2
9. Jan Dissler
10. Adi Riederer  XB2

Race report by Dieter Schmid
XB4 and XB2 win the 4th Round off Swiss Nats