FX K302.1

FX K302.1 3-Kanal DLC Motor Art. Nr. FX 650104

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New FX K302.1 engine is an all-new 3-port engine which replaces the K302 engine. The K302.1 is based on the K302 engine but incorporates numerous improvements and refinements. With focus on lower fuel consumption and more linear power curve, the crankshaft and carburetor were re-designed.

FX K302.1

– Displacement: 3.5cc
– Bore: 16.40mm
– Stroke: 16.40mm
– Weight: 349g
– Max. power: 2.5 HP @ 34,000 RPM
– Practical range: 4,000-42,000 RPM
– Ports: 3 transfer ports
– Piston: CNC-machined silicium
– Sleeve: CNC-machined brass, hard chrome plated
– Front ball-bearing: 7x19mm, made in Japan
– Rear ball-bearing: 14×25.8mm ceramic, made in Germany
– Crankshaft: 14mm
– Carburetor: Alloy body with thermal isolation; 3-needle with modular venturi
– Glow plug: X3
– Exhaust position: Rear

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