2nd SRC – Swiss Racing Cup / MRTM Lostallo

Last Saturday, after leading the semifinals, I had a technical defect. Happily today, I turned things around and won the second run of the Swiss Racing Cup! The car works very good while whole the weekend!

Kategorie 1/10
1. Patrick Fankhauser XRAY NT1
2. Philipp Bühler XRAY NT1
3. Marco Licci
4. Christian Lehnherr XRAY NT1
5. Peter Koller XRAY NT1
6. Donato Larocca
7. Marco Schwab
8. Andreas Ebener
9. Stefan Wüthrich XRAY NT1
10. Adrian Roschi XRAY NT1

Kategorie 1/8
1. Christian Seiler
2. Martin Wenger XRAY RX8
3. Beat Heiniger XRAY RX8

Special thanks go to my girlfriend Sue, Michael Schäfer, my father an to T+M Models for all the great support.

Patrick Fankhauser

Contrats to all all the other pilots and all the girls in the box-stop. I heard that all the cars and pilots were greatly looked after 🙂
T. & M. Models
Traugott & Monika