XRAY RX8 2018

XRAY RX8 2018


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XRAY RX8 2018 All-new Features
  • All-new chassis features larger front window opening for improved forward traction
  • chassis with unique, innovative front flex adjustment using an insertable aluminum brace. Using the aluminum brace increases steering response and cornering speed; without the aluminum brace, the car is easier to drive
  • adjustable weight position on both sides of the chassis for quick & easy weight balance adjustment
  • rear layshaft bulkheads allow use of bracket bushings to connect the layshaft bulkheads with rear bulkheads to reinforce the entire rear suspension, giving improved handling especially in high-traction conditions. Without the bracket bushings, the car has more traction; recommended for low-traction conditions. The new bulkhead design also allows installation of a top graphite brace
  • rear aluminum bulkheads
  • graphite brace for rear layshaft is part of the rear suspension Multi-Flex™ Technology
  • graphite holders for rear upper arm have new positions – lower & more inside – for increased traction and improved durability
  • rear aluminum suspension holders have new position for the rear arms – more inside – for increased traction
  • steel extensions for suspension arms have a new position to work better with new rear aluminum suspension holders


Development at XRAY never stops, nor does our pursuit of perfection. Evolving the RX8 to its present state has been a challenge for everyone at XRAY, and this new, re-designed version of the RX8 incorporates all the best features and ideas gathered over the past years. Enjoy the new RX8.

Martin Hudy
XRAY RX8 Platform Designer

Sämtliche Details vom neuen XRAY RX8 2018 Bausatz finden Sie unter dem Link auf der Seite vom Hersteller.Viele tolle Fotos. Der Bauplan steht bereit im Download Bereich für Sie. Das Modell kann auch bei uns im Geschäft in Spreitenbach angeschaut werden. Uebrigens wie immer auch von diesem Modell sind sämtliche Ersatzteile an Lager. Options Parts für Einstellung und Abstimmunge vom Chassis sind ebenfalls vorhanden