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Xtreme Wing Carbon side plates 200MM Nitro

Xtreme Wing Carbon side plates 200MM Nitro

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Xtreme Wing Carbon side plates 200MM Nitro


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Designed using the most advanced CFD softwares, the new Xtreme Aerodynamics carbon fiber side plates improve car performance on high speed corner.

The 0.50mm top quality carbon fiber plate has a profile studied to allow the optimal flow on the upper side of the wing while cornering,

thus improving vertical load and making the car more predictable and precise. The external shape is studied to minimize the side drag effect

for a better handling in fast change of direction, still keeping the suction/pressure side well isolated in order to maximize wing perfomance.

Suitable for 1/10 nitro car, they can be mounted on any type of wing: just glue (or tape) the side plate on the wing and remove with a cutter the buttonhole on the wing side.