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XRAY T4 2019 mit BRUNO Servo XRAY 300025BRUNO

XRAY T4 2019 mit BRUNO Servo

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XRAY T4 2019 mit BRUNO Servo

XRAY T4 2019 SPECS – 1/10 Elektro Tourenwagen

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– Bausatz XRAY T4 Version 2019
– BC-1863X BRUNO RC BC-1863X Digital Servo LCG for Xray T4 Only

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Fernklenkung, Akku, Fahrtenregler, Motor, Motorritzel, Räder, Karosserie, Farbe, Ladegerät und Kleinmaterial

XRAY T4 2019 All-new Features
•All-new chassis to accommodate new front chassis brace
•removable front chassis brace for improved steering response
•XRAY’s unique BPA system – Body Position Adjustment
•front adjustable body mounts with eccentric mounting for Body Position Adjustment
•redesigned rear body mounts with removable graphite shims for Body Position Adjustment
•front lower & upper bumper and foam bumper redesigned to use the BPA system
•redesigned upper clamps feature center pins for precise & strong shock tower installation
•front & rear shock towers redesigned to accommodate center mounting pins
•layshaft & motor mount bulkheads redesigned to fit smaller ball-bearings to eliminate interference with the top deck and improved flex characteristics
•front & rear battery backstops prevent battery movement in crashes
•alu steering plate with pressed-in ball-bearings to reduce play
•play-eliminating bushings for steering arms

World Champion
Since the release of the very first T1 back in 1999, Team XRAY has worked very hard to win the most acclaimed title of World Champion. Over the years, Team XRAY has been a hot contender on many occasions and gained several podium finishes at the World Championship, while the overall title slipped away by a fraction.

Finally, after almost 20 years of dedication and passion from our team of drivers and designers, the first World Champion title in the 1/10 touring class was achieved by XRAY’s Bruno Coelho running the all-new XRAY T4’19.

Daten Servo:
Technische Daten:
SPEED: SEC/60° 0.076
TORQUE: Kg-cm 10.0

This is a „Must Have“ for all the T4 Xray drivers that are looking for the maximum performance,
starting from the details. The „BR11863X“ inherits the same development of
the „BR11863“ but thanks to its case, that is designed specifically for the T4 Xray, allows
to fix it directly to the chassis without being forced to use the mount and consequentially
lowering the center of gravity.

Extreme LCG (Low Center Gravity)
Low Profile – Brushless Steel Gear – High Speed –
Edge technology super Big 12 Bit – Aluminium
canter case – Shorter Heavy duty wire (5cm) –
Fast response – Incredible torque Increased transit
speed – Increased efficiency – Water resistant with 4
silicon seals implanted – Strong and precise-made
steel gears
Developed for Xray T4 Only (Late 2017 Version)
Sanwa SSR mode acceptable – Output Shaft: 25T
Spline (Futaba)