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SANWA RX-491 SUR-SSL Empfänger 2.4GHz

SANWA RX-491 SUR-SSL Empfänger 2.4GHz

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SANWA RX-491 SUR-SSL Empfänger 2.4GHz

SANWA 107A41353A

Compact receiver / Waterproof / Plug in Bind / Short Antenna
– 2.4 GHz FHSS5 Spread Spectrum System 4ch
– Compatible with Telemetry
– Cannot connect RPM sensor and Temperature sensor. To measure RPM and Temperature is only combine with SUPER VORTEX series
– Compatible with SSL (SUPER VORTEX Series, etc…)
– Ultra Response Mode (SUR)
– Waterproof
– The smallest and most light receiver in the class

Technische Daten:
– Frequency: 2.4 GHz FHSS5
– Channel: 4CH
– Nominal Input Voltage: 3.7~7.4 V
– Dimensions: 23.0 x 23.2 x 14.0 mm
– Weight: 5.3g
– Compatible radio: M17

– Size is not include antenna
– Please do not cut antenna. Receiver sensibility will be down due to cut the antenna
– About other precaution, please refer from user manual