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MonacoRC Wrap Shield Size L

MonacoRC Wrap Shield Size L

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MonacoRC Wrap Shield Size L

“MonacoRC Wrap Shield” is available in three sizes S (28cm) M (38cm) L (48cm) to cover all needs.

The two smaller sizes (S and M) are made of black cloth on the outside and with a blue lining personalized with MonacoRC graphics.

The L version is distinguished by the red color of the cover also customized MonacoRC.

To ensure greater protection centrally, this handkerchief has a padded pad in the center.

Using it is effortlessly simple. Once you have identified the right size, simply place your product on the central cushion and wrap it starting from the corner where the MonacoRC label is located. After you have done this with all four corners your item will be protected and ready to go with you.

The practicality of the “MonacoRC Wrap Shield” will make it a perfect travel mate.