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MonacoRC Wireless Charger

MonacoRC Wireless Charger

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MonacoRC Wireless Charger

Charge your radio or mobile phone wirelessly in style.

MonacoRC is excited to introduce the MoacoRC Style Wireless charger.

The charger is made of a soft, pleasant to the touch rubber with the shape and colors of the MonacoRC logo.

For a while many devices allow wireless charging. This technology has also found field for charging the hugely popular Sanwa M17.

All this is possible by simply adding an accessory provided in the package.

After connecting the wireless charger to a power source via its USB, just place your device on the top surface to start charging.

Preparation M17 for charging.

Open the battery compartment by sliding the cover by first removing the safety screw.

Remove the radio battery and connect the accessory (supplied) to its USB port. Place the battery back in its compartment with the accessory resting on it.

At this point, close the battery door again and tighten the safety screw.

And that’s it! Now your radio is ready to be charged wirelessly by simply placing it on top of the MonacoRC Wireless Charger.