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KYOSHO PureTen GP FW-06 r/s Acura NSX GT3 Kyosho 33208

KYOSHO PureTen GP FW-06 r/s Acura NSX GT3 Kyosho 3

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KYOSHO PureTen GP FW-06 r/s Acura NSX GT3 Kyosho 33208

Proven shaft-driven 4WD chassis with Syncro KT-231P 2.4GHz R/C system!

From beginner to race winner, this machine delivers smooth performance every time.

User-friendly with mild control response, the FW-06 is the perfect introduction to GP touring cars and the performance of this amazing machine seems to evolve as your driving technique improves. 2-speed automatic transmission combines with the high-power KE15-SP engine to make full use of the power band and maximize performance from KYOSHO’s proven shaft-driven 4WD chassis. With the same rear suspension as the World Champion V-ONE RRR with setting options and maintenance-friendly features only available on the latest racing machines, the FW-06 chassis also meets the demands of expert-level drivers. All this performance is packed into a fully-assembled Readyset. Equipped with the 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P transmitter, finding an open frequency is a problem of the past. In addition to the dual-rate function, the KT-231P also features a failsafe function that automatically reduces the throttle if radio signal is interrupted. Simply switch the power on and you can be on the track and clocking race-winning times straight away.

Loaded with KE15-SP engine with slide carburetor fitted with slow idle adjustment and return spring.

Reliable universal swing shafts included on front.

Turnbuckle tie-rods used for steering rod and rear upper arms for fully adjustable alignment.

KYOSHO’s proven center-shaft drive 4WD provides light control response.

Disk brakes deliver reliable and responsive braking control.

Unique compact recoil starter without one-way clutch realizes lower resistance and starts the engine with a pull on the starter cord.

Equipped with a total of 22 ball bearings for highly-efficient, full-bearing specification.

Fitted with tuned muffler and large air cleaner.

High-grip rubber tires with inner sponge supports are pre-glued onto wheels.

Compatible with many FW-05 parts. *Not compatible with some parts.

Includes plug heater (batteries sold separately) and fuel bottle.

¦Length 372mm

Width 200mm

Height 100mm (approx.)

Ground Clearance 5mm

Wheelbase 258mm

Tread (F/R) 176mm

Tire(F/R) F64×24mm

Gear Ratio 7.47 / 5.44:1

Weight 1,800g (approx.)

Engine KE15SP with recoil starter


Fully-assembled chassis complete with pre-set control linkages

Pre-mounted KE15-SP engine with recoil starter

Special manifold and muffler

Finished pre-cut body complete with paint and stickers applied

Syncro KT-231P transmitter

Fuel bottle

Plug heater

Zusätzlich wird noch benötigt, da nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten:

8 x AA-size alkaline batteries for R/C system

2 x D-size batteries for plug heater