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Chevy Silverado 2006 RC

Chevy Silverado 2006 RC

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Chevy Silverado 2006 RC

Play Modes:

One Player Mode (Auto Pilot): Your mission is to battle and tag your own machine with the provided laser scope as it drives itself in exciting patterns in an attempt to evade your attack!

Two Player Mode:

You drive and maneuver your own machine while a second player chases, tags and tries to defeat you with the scope!

– 27/49 mhz Tri-Band technology allows up to 6 players and vehicles to battle at the same time.

– All vehicles include lights, sound effects and movement that mimic video game play.

– Start up sounds indicate beginning of game or game reset

– Each vehicle has a shield power indicator that shows how many hits you have left before you loose the game.

– Sound effects when laser is fired.

– First and second hits that are taken result in the shutting down of your vehicle for a few seconds at is shakes and projects sound effects.

– The third hit renders your vehicle uncontrollable with exploding sound effects. This indicates you have lost the battle.

– Single Pack Scope includes lights and sound effects.

Es wird noch zusätzlich benötigt.

6x 1.5Volt Batterie Typ AA und 1x 9 Volt Batterie